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Nora's Sprouts Seminar

Nora's #Climatechallenge goes into the second round!

"Highly motivated from the Footprint Challenge, I had discovered sprouts for myself, which enormously enhanced my regional menu both nutritionally and culinary. I was determined to help these unknown B-list celebrities gain more exposure! And thus "Project Sprout Growing Seminar" was born.

The goal: Superfoods from your own kitchen instead of from the other end of the world! Because: Sustainable and healthy nutrition are not a contradiction, but complement each other wonderfully. Especially in view of the growing world population, the question arises as to how nutrition must be redesigned. Sprouts can add all-around value to meals at any time of year, helping to reduce an individual's CO₂ footprint."

As part of the University of Konstanz and HTWG's #sustainable Thursdays, Nora then offered a workshop to help get people started in the world of sprouts.

In the workshop, after a short input on nutrients and CO2 savings, Nora built a sprout jar with the participants and soaked the first seeds. The sprout jar consisted of pieces of reusable laundry nets attached to scrap glass with rubber bands.

But before that, she set out to find the tastiest seeds:

"Next on the to-do list was then to germinate different seeds. Fortunately, I even found what I was looking for in terms of unpackaged seeds at the Silo Unpackaged store! So I was able to try small amounts first to see if the spiciness, bitterness, and sweetness of the sprouts appealed to my taste buds. Favorites so far are definitely a sprout mix of lentils, radish and fenugreek from Sonnentor and chickpea sprouts. Linseed sprouts and radish sprouts are just growing and already smell quite tempting.

But I haven't even asked the question of all questions yet: What do you do with all these goodies? Sure, sprouts as toppings or fillings for wraps, soups and salads are already really great, but let's be honest: for me, sprouts are already the star of the kitchen show and so they deserve their place not just as a supplement, but as the main ingredient in meals! Among other things, in my new favorite hummus recipe (see below), which I have successfully already distributed to my circle of friends. Upcoming taste tests with sprouted quinoa wheat bread, sprouted millet cake, sprouted oat cookies and sprouted bean burgers are still to come!"

Inspired by Nora's story or have more questions? Then let us know on Instagram at @_climatechallenge or email us at

We look forward to hearing from you! :)

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