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We are facing great challenges – what could be my role during this time?

With a #climatechallenge, you don't wait any longer for the system to change and solve things at some point

– you tackle it yourself.

And on two levels: the footprint (how do I live, buy, eat and travel in a climate-friendly way) and the handprint (how can we improve structures together so that climate protection becomes easier for everyone).

#climatechallenge - nationwide since January 2023

This is the website of the "original" #climatechallenge.
It was developed and launched as a transformative learning and teaching format at the University of Applied Sciences Konstanz from 2014 onwards.

Since January 2023, the #climatechallenge has been rolled out nationwide as part of a joint project of the organizations Germanwatch e.V., netzwerk n e.V., and the Karlsruhe Transformation Center (KAT) at KIT. The transformative educational offer for effective climate protection throughout Germany is funded by the National Climate Initiative.

The workshop format #climatechallenge is brought to schools, universities, extracurricular learning venues and municipalities through a train-the-trainer approach. This means that around 600 multipliers are trained in these target groups, who get to know the #climatechallenge in order to be able to use them independently in different contexts. This means that a total of 15,000 people will take part in the #climatechallenge.
Feel free to visit the website of the nationwide joint project:

With our #climatechallenge format, we were awarded 1st prize in the 'Hochschulbildung für nachhaltige Entwick-lung' (Higher Education for Sustainable Development) teaching award in 2021.

Do you also want to make a #climatechallenge?

Then take a look at our teaching materials and our online webinar or find more information on the website of the new nationwide joint project

Or do you even want to become a multiplier?

You can find out how you can be trained as a multiplier to advance climate protection with a group in your environment here or simply send an e-mail to

We would be delighted if you spread the format, so our transformation approach, and become part of the development for more sustainability!

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