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With a #climatechallenge you can make your everyday life more climate-friendly. We distinguish between the Footprint Challenge and the Handprint Challenge:

In the Footprint Challenge, you set yourself the goal of discontinuing a decisively climate-damaging habit of yours and challenge yourself to follow through with this plan for 30 days. No matter how small the change in your everyday life, the fact is that you'll use less resources and cause less CO2 emissions. This will reduce your carbon footprint and do something good for the environment. At the same time, you not only take responsibility for your own actions, but also gain new experiences, discover alternatives and are part of an growing community that is committed to the world of tomorrow.

In your Footprint Challenge, you will probably encounter obstacles that make climate-friendly living difficult. This is due to the structures of our society. The task of the Handprint Challenge is to change these structures and thus make environmentally friendly behavior easier for everyone.


Here's what's worked well for you to remember before you start your challenge:

  • Visualize how cool it will feel when you've done it.

  • Others like you have already done it - check out News for some impressions of them, for footprint as well as Handprint Challenges.

  • Think about what obstacles you'll face and then what you'll do specifically.

  • Contribute to our research with this survey (which is so far only in german).

  • Stay relaxed - of course you want to know if you will make it - but don't lose your cheerfulness :-)


Show your friends that you are doing a #climatechallenge and encourage them to do the same. Tell them about your best experience...

Feel free to link us on Instagram @_climatechallenge.

Want us to share your story on our blog? Then just write to us at:


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