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#climatechallenge in the Studium Generale

The #climatechallenge is back at Studium Generale at HTWG Konstanz this semester.

This means that all students have the chance to take this course and use it as part of their studies.

This summer semester, 17 students are enrolled in the course. With 6 sessions, 2 ECTS and a lot of challenges, there is only to gain in this course.

As you can find in our course materials, the students started with calculating their carbon footprint and then completed Footprint Challenges.

5 participants chose to do without cars, another 5 switched to vegan and again 4 switched to vegetarian diets. The others had an individual challenge. Be it a flight diet, climate diet or hot water consumption reduction.

The Handprint Challenges, which are currently still ongoing, are particularly exciting. These show the commitment of the participants, as there were many approaches and ideas here - at very different levels of action.

We would like to list a collection of current challenges here:

  • Engagement for the enhancement and price reduction of the vegetarian and vegan food offers in the cafeteria.

  • Creation of flyers about saving warm water and heating energy with information about the benefits for the climate, one's wallet and, last but not least, one's health.

  • Advocacy for the improvement of the public transport system

  • Introducing vegan/vegetarian cooking to friends to make it easier to get started, including a recipe booklet.

  • Equipping the own sustainable online store with additional scientific data. This way, customers can not only buy sustainable products, but also get good information right away.

  • Building an insect hotel - a challenge that targets the so essential biodiversity (crisis)!

There were even more challenges, but this list already shows - the participants are involved in the course with creativity and zest for action.

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