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Living democracy with Ella

As a Handprint Challenge, I and a few fellow students thought about using our opportunity for political participation and writing an email to our members of parliament. Now I would like to motivate more people to use this opportunity.

In our email, we called for an increase in CO2 pricing.

To do this, we first collected information about the current status of CO2 pricing and considered the advantages & disadvantages. We were interested in finding as many arguments as possible to balance the disadvantages.

Then we simply sat down together to write the email. We briefly introduced ourselves and clearly described why an appropriate CO2 price is necessary. Then we listed the individual advantages & disadvantages and supported them with arguments, and in some cases we also mentioned possible solutions. At the end we expressed our thanks, with the remark that we would be pleased to receive a response.

I have noticed that it is not at all difficult to write an e-mail to the members of parliament in the constituency in order to exert a little political influence and to point out which issues are close to the hearts of the citizens of the country, if necessary also with possible approaches to solutions. The most important thing for writing the email is always to be polite and not insulting. Because otherwise all the effort is in vain.

As a "result" of this Handprint Challenge, we received responses from 90% of the MPs - including three invitations to talks.

The answers were very positive, most of the MPs want to incorporate our thoughts into their work!

Now we have to wait and see if this happens.

If necessary we write an email again. Because this is quick, easy and a (too little used) way to get involved in democracy.

Quick Guide:

  1. Gather and research information on the topic (especially about the disadvantages + counter-arguments)

  2. Search for MPs (via

  3. Compose & send email (use non-accusatory wording)

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