My Footprint-Challenge

I go VEGGY...

You are what you eat - Change your eating habits and do something good for yourself, the environment and the animals.

More plants, no meat - Try the vegetarian lifestyle for a month and find out if you can eat just as varied and delicious a meatless diet as before.

buy less...

Repair, Share, Do it yourself, Second hand - you have countless possibilities to counteract the consumerism of today!

Try to avoid buying new things for one month - your wallet will thank you as much as the environment!


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Fed up with exhaust fumes, traffic jams, the eternal search for a parking space and high gas prices?

Get on your bike or take advantage of the great car-sharing apps. Even a train ride is nice once in a while. Leave your car behind more often and contribute to a more mobility-friendly city!


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My Good MONth

Take a look at the whole footprint - and reduce your personal CO2 emissions to an earth-friendly level.

It's about 6.8 kg of CO2 per day, and thus about 200 kg of CO2 per month that each person is likely to emit through their actions.... Are you ready for this challenge?

(Attention, for advanced users)


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