#3 made it!


You can be proud of yourself. You have mastered your personal challenge and at the same time taken a valuable step towards more sustainable development.

Maybe you would like to integrate the challenge into your life in the future?

Your coolest experience?

You must have experienced many great things and recorded them in your change diary. Now share the event that was most valuable to you personally with the community. Use the form below to do so. Add pictures or videos to your text (at your discretion) to make your experience more vivid for the community. Your story may then be published on the website for others to comment on.

With your email program

* If you want us to share your text and images here on the website, we need your permission. Please copy the following text into your e-mail:

I hereby confirm that I own the appropriate image rights. I agree that texts, as well as photos, videos and other types of media that I send to the #climatechallenge team may be used for their purposes and published on the website. Except possibly the first name, no other personal data will be published.

Exchange yourself

Also comment on the challenges of other participants and motivate them in the execution of their challenge!
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Or check out the Facebook group and share your experience: What motivated you and could motivate others? What was hard and how did you handle it?

Research and development

At the end of your 30-day Challenge, we have another questionnaire for you! The second questionnaire is about your experiences during the challenge. Again, we would be incredibly happy if you fill it out. The results of the questionnaire will help us to further develop the #climatechallenge format and to conduct accompanying research.

The 2nd part of the questionnaire can be found here... (german)

And what about your "handprint"?

That you yourself have dared to make a change is great! Wouldn't it also be a great development if your environment, your workplace, even your city, your country also become more eco-friendly?

To expand your own reach, you can use different means and cooperate with different actors to promote sustainable living in your environment.  You will be surprised how many opportunities are open to you to make your city and your surroundings the way you want it to be:

#Share relevant posts on social media.

#Submit a petition. For example, for a veggie day in the canteens and cafeterias of your city.

#Join local groups. There are also some local groups in your city that work for a climate-friendly city. Get in touch, meet like-minded people and get active.

#Support an NGO.

And very important:

#Talk about your #climatechallenge with #myCchallenge on social media.

> more about the Handprintchallenge

thank you!

On behalf of today's young and future generations, we thank you for your commitment! We hope that we could encourage you through the #climatechallenge to continue to structure your everyday life in a sustainable way. We would be especially happy if you would try another challenge or if you would suggest the #climatechallenge to someone in your circle of friends. If you would like to work with #climatechallenge yourself, check out our open source materials.