together we are strong

#climatechallenge lives from the fact that it is lived, carried on and further developed by numerous people. Our heartfelt thanks go to all of them! Among them are lecturers at universities, teachers - and above all students.


Lea Hungerhoff

  • Keeps the website and the Instagram account up to date
  • always looking for new interesting contributions
  • Student at the HTWG Konstanz in the study program Environmental Engineering and Resource Management


knowledge and action

Our scientific activities are coordinated by:


Prof. Dr. Maike Sippel

  • Professorship for Sustainable Economy, Konstanz University of Applied Sciences
  • Senate Representative for Sustainable Development, Konstanz University of Applied Sciences
  • Competence Center Energy Transition Region Constance
  • Scientific background: studied architecture, doctorate in economics, work on sustainability and climate strategies from the individual to the global level
  • Pleasure and responsibility to make this knowledge socially fruitful
  • Support of Scientists for Future
  • NGO-experienced (e.g. Global Marshall Plan Initiative)

Maike is the creator of the males that cavort on the website.


Markus Szaguhn

  • Mission: Transformative Research - Importance of Real Experiments to Promote Commitment to Climate Protection.
  • Since 2021: Research associate at the KIT Center Man and Technology, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology.
  • 2017-2021: Communication and project management area contracting (energy services) at the Climate Protection and Energy Agency Baden-Württemberg (KEA-BW)
  • Since 2016: Teaching positions at the online academy of the Department for Technology and Science Ethics (rtwe), Konstanz University of Applied Sciences and University of Konstanz
  • 2015-2017: Co-author of the monitoring report at the Kompetenzzentrum Energiewende Region Konstanz.
  • Background: Mechanical engineering, energy technology and international sales management

Ilmari Binder

  • has been giving #climatechallenge seminars at HTWG and university in Constance since the winter semester 2020/21
  • project manager for "CO2ero - klimaneutrae Waldorfschulen Jetzt"
  • studied psychology at the University of Konstanz
  • during studies engagement for sustainable development at HTWG and Uni Konstanz

Social science evaluation in collaboration with:


Dr. Thomas Wöhler


Surveylab, Soziologie, University of Konstanz

Contact us

You have questions or comments? Then feel free to write to us at

We are looking forward to hearing from you.


  • Sarah Steeb - who helped us with the website and Instagram during the summer semester of 2021.
  • Anne Klenge - who brought the Instagram account to life
  • Aline Christoph - who as a communication designer not only gave us the beautiful colors
  • Johanna Geiser, Joshua Lange, Alexander Rüede-Passul and Ann-Kathrin Straßer - who, together with Anne Klenge, are part of the first generation of coaches trained in the #climatechallenge Academy
  • Florian Jungheim - who wrote his bachelor thesis in 2018 on CO2 calculators to be used for #climatechallenge
  • Nadine Nowotny - who supported the project in 2018 and conducted 3 pilot applications of #climatechallenge as an employee action in companies in her bachelor thesis
  • Annika Kreuzer - who supported the project in 2017/2018 (before she left for the whales), laying the groundwork for this website
  • Hannah Junker, Corina Muhr, Doris Müller, Jorrit Friedrich, Marius Reichenbach, Robin Schoger - who prepared our Constance workshop during the winter semester 2017/2018
  • Tim Rieger & Johannes Rössler - who worked on how #climatechallenge could go viral in the winter semester 2016/2017


#climatechallenge continues to develop through various sub-projects, each of which is independent. Smaller project grants support this development - e.g. through:

  • CampusWELTApplication
  • Ministry for the Environment, Climate and Energy Management Baden-Württemberg
  • Small Research Program of the Institute for Applied Research of the HTWG Konstanz

A very warm thank you :-)

From left to right: Lea Hungerhoff, Maike Sippel, Ilmari Binder, Sarah Steeb and Markus Szaguhn